Life of a Slavic hermit

Life of a Slavic hermit – Prepare yourself for an amazing, romantic and lonesome story of this 60-year Victor, old Slavic hermit living in a thick forest somewhere in the Novgorod Region. You remember where first Viking state was founded? What made him choose this lonesome way of life? Judging from his good eyes probably a wish to live in a untouched and unspoiled area by human behavior and greed… It’s extremely difficult to get to his house as in the way tons of snow hamper your movements. Ski is the only viable solution and at first Victor  lived in a real badger hole but as time passed he he realized it was too small and dusty and decided to build this hut. The location is very successful – a river not far from the hut,  nature is extremely beautiful and offers various kinds of useful plants to live like this. via (source)

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