Life of African-Russians In Russian Federation

When we think of multicultural society we always think of USA, and naturally during Cold War Era of Soviet Union one could not see black people from Africa located inside Russia. In other words maybe just some African delegations, but as Russian population none. However as USSR fell apart, and as Russia also turned to capitalist system things have changed in last years and as you are about to see many more people have come to become naturalized Russians.

These people today live in Russia and work on positions from mayors, to policemen, army-men and anything else that comes to ones mind.

They are now successfully incorporated in all branches of society, so they work in public transport:

One Russian town has recently elected an African mayor:

This was the new Russian mayor during his campaign:

Orthodox church has also new members in its composition:

Locals come to holy mass held by African priests:

Group of young naturalized Russians taking a humorous photo before “whitey” town sign.

After hard work many enjoy their time in traditional Russian food and drinks:

Cossack’s have also strengthen their ranks:

Communist Russian party also has new members:

Soldier ranks also have new members from Mozambican Army which are in Russia for training


Police in Siberia also became more colorful:

Many have learned how to play traditional Russian Balalaika instrument:

Ice baths that Russians enjoy are also loved by African-Russians:


Now it’s proven Lenin also had it’s African-Russian twin:

They enjoy Russian cos-plays and history re-enactments:


All in all happy bunch! Don’t you think? 🙂

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