Life of Women in Russian Police and Military

Most images you see floating on the internet is Russian soldiers, machinery and battle drills. But this time we will show you a more gentle side of Russian army and police forces. Today you have a chance to see how is it to serve in Russian Police or RF troops if you were a woman. Do not be mistaken, their training is as hard as for male soldiers.

It’s extremely hard to graduate on their police academy as a woman, and these are the ones that made it and now serve their government.

How Russian military women look like:

russian_police_01 russian_police_02 russian_police_04 russian_police_05 russian_police_09 russian_police_11 russian_police_16 russian_police_17 russian_police_19 russian_police_21 russian_police_22 russian_police_23 russian_police_24

Would you enlist your girlfriend?

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