Link between Viking Rurik father of the Rus and symbol of Ukraine

House of Rurik symbol – Trident, according to the most likely interpretation, is a symbol of the origin of Vladimir Rurikovich from Svyatoslav and housekeeper Malusha, and third prong in it – the “servile” sign, which Vladimir but proudly included in his coat of arms.

The reverse side has another image – the falcon with a cross on his head. Scientists know only one such image – on a coin found in the treasure on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. According to archaeologists, it is a sign of Princess Olga, showing the belonging of suspension bracket to Pskov.

2009 year, in Pskov region (Russia) was found a suspension bracket of Rurikoviches. Instead of  third tooth, it has an image of key:

Historic sign Rurik – bidentate.


However, the using of modified coat of arms of Rurikoviches by modern Ukraine doesn’t mean any real connections between Ukraine and Ruthenia. This emblem was first used by Grushevskiy in 1917.

The following pictures are given just for information, I have no target to provoke anyone here.

In my opinion, if Grushevskiy so liked Cossacks and Sich, he could easily use their symbols and coats of arms:

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