Liptovská Teplička the Slovak Hobbit Town

Filmmakers work on the Lord of the Rings scenes for many months, but in Liptovská Teplička they would find their set already done! Centuries-old invention of Slovak ancestors still work and also attract tourists.

These are the special cellars for potatoes which were dug many years ago, and they are still better than the chambers and refrigerators of today. They became also a popular attraction. The picturesque view to tourists reminds them of particular dwellings of Hobbit from JRR Tolkien LOTR series.

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Cellars for potatoes originated in a gradual colonization of the village already 400 years ago. About three meters deep cellars beneath the wide, close up, covered with a roof made of logs. Brasserie was dug vertically into the ground.

“It’s such a calcareous clay that people call it “mončička”, because when you catch it with your hands, it will fall apart through your fingers. It is this “mončička” that keeps the potatoes in such perfect condition that they are,” explained Lyudmila Root of general Office in Liptovská Teplička.

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Anna Madáčová (68) said “Potatoes, which I deposited in the cellar in October, looks today as if we were frozen now. Whether it is winter or summer, there is always a same temperature inside it, so i don’t grow potatoes up to Christmas.” she describes the functioning cellars as a satisfied owner.

Piv-nič-ky z Liptovskej Tep-lič-ky

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Part of the village has covered the shelters but dozens of basements are already discovered by foreign tourists that stay in local hotels just to visit this landmark.

“Whenever tourists come, we have to look for the owners to allow them to look inside them. Visitors are in fact very curious what it looks like inside. We therefore have several unused “pivničiek” to make them available for tourist inspection and tours” Head of tourism development in Liptovská Teplička, Julius Durica.

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