Ljubljana Light Art Festival Will Turn Slovenian Capital Into Spectacular Bucket List Destination

This year’s festival takes “Memories” as its theme

If you will travel thorught Slovenia in June, there will be a spectacular Light Art festival happening in Ljubljana. After the dark a group called the Svetloba Gverila (Lighting Guerrilla) will transform some parts of Ljubljana with their interesting light installations. This is the 11th time they held the festival and this year’s festival will have a “Memories” theme exploring how we expirience memories as individuals and as a society.

Locations that will have light installations are: Vžigalica gallery, Križanke open-air theatre, Novi Trg square and the Cukrarna industrial complex.

Among the participants are: Slovenian artist Luka Savić, Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy, French artist Stéphane Masson and in a joint effort they will illuminate Novi Trg square with street lights “powered by Slovenian ads” from the 20th century.

Svetloba Gverila will run until 17 June 2017 at locations around Ljubljana.

Find out more here. Source: Slovenia Times

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