Local Bosnian Food Triumphs Over McDonalds

Only McDonalds restaurant in Banja Luka from this Monday is closed. The company which owns the McDonald’s franchise in the Republic of Serbia, the Serbian “Glas” said that the closure has been explained as business reasons”. “The owner of the McDonald’s franchise for the Republic of Serbia in the future will meditate about the search for alternative locations for the restaurant and will continue to discuss options for the development of the brand in the market of RS. Due to the closure of the restaurant 34 people lost their jobs and now are unemployed. McDonalds in Banja Luka opened in October 2012, and the citizens are not surprised that the restaurant is closed, not that prices were too high but also the whole of Bosnia has a strong grilled meat culture that is far more tasteful than the food McDonalds can offer. The prices of their products simply were not in the pockets of most citizens of Banja Luka. The meal that is delicious but very small for seven marks, can not fit in the purchasing power of the local people more so because more tastier things can be eaten for much less money.

There are also our habits to eat food like čevapi, kebabs, burek and other specialties so that McDonald’s was a luxury for most that always had a better alternative “said Banjalučanin Branko Markovic. Banjalucanka Jelena Milovanovic added: In my life I have only twice walked into McDonald’s and it was persuaded by the company.”

The food is there very expensive. Simply, because of his health many are not a fan of fast foods and that’s why I avoided. “I prefer to eat kebabs or some other local specialty, which are, incidentally, much cheaper and to be honest much more tasty.

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