These Two Senior Ukrainians Live In Harmony Near Chernobyl

Lonely Couple Of Radioactive Village In Belarus

Old couple living in a small and forgotten Belorussian village that has survived from world wars to Stalin and Chernobyl radiation. Nikolay has an hobby to take care of the local birds, and he knows exactly which birds stopped to settle the area due to Chernobyl radiation, however he keeps to make bird nests nearby for other bird populations that do come back. Journalists of have dropped this lonely couple a visit for a few days and talked with this family who decided to stayed in the evacuation zone after Chernobyl and lived in alienation ever since.

It seems that it was possible for people here to survive the radiation, war, and Stalin. Nikolay – 80 and his wife Sophia 76 years old and yes they still live in the village, which was buried in the past year. The bulldozers spared only their farmstead while all other abandoned houses nearby were buried with ground.


The level of pollution and radiation of the area is 15-40 Ci. They say they remember a time when their village was long for hundred yards, and there way a lot of life in their neighborhood with their neighbors and other people of the village .


Today the contaminated zone can be accessed without a permit and there are plans to re-settle the area in near future.


When the journalists asked this couple about their health they only said in recent years their legs hurt from the knees to the feet so that it is difficult to bend at the knees, so it hurts them to get up and sit down, however all else they are in perfect health and look as a happy old couple that has been married for over 56 long years.


We can conclude love beats all, be it radiation or wars. Via tut

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