Lovely handpainted wedding dresses from Poland are becoming popular

Weddings are again getting traditional and Poland is leading the way

Poland – this is what happens when tradition meets modernity. Folk artists from Podhale, mountainous region in southern Poland, started creating folk costumes and wedding dresses adorned with decorations made with the use of modern textile paints. One of standing-out artists largely focused on the decorations of wedding dresses is Mrs Anna Maryniarczyk-Kubińska whose creations you can see in this article.

The trend has been growing for a long time and reached the popularity in the recent decade. You might’ve come across this type of dresses for example on pictures from the wedding of Polish ski jumper Klemens Murańka – both he and his wife come from the very heart of the Podhale region, its cultural capital Zakopane.

The hand-painted patterns are inspired by local crafts: they resemble for example traditional embroidery motifs, style of designs met in Podhalanian wood carvings or stained glass paintings, and so on. Each dress is unique.

Dresses adorned with the painted motifs can be both modern (any white dress that is just in) or traditional (wedding outfit of Podhalanian women consist of a separate skirt and a decorative ‘corset’ worn over a blouse).

The flower painted below is a subspecies of stemless carline thistle called in Polish dziewięćsił (‘nine strenghts’ or ‘nine powers’). It’s a flower native to the range of Carpathian Mountains. In folklore of the Podhale region this flower is believed to be magical and 9 times more powerful than any other healing herbs. The dziewięćsił flower is a popular motif in local embroidery and other crafts:

Make sure to visit the artist Anna Maryniarczyk-Kubińska here: Website | Facebook.

To read a bit more about the region and the dresses check the author’s blog: Lamus Dworski.

To learn about local folk costumes check the tag ‘Podhale’ in gallery of Polish folk costumes.

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