Made in Poland: 10 Christmas inspirations that will make your holidays this year even better! 

Poland can into Christmas and so can you!

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Polish people love to celebrate Christmas. They celebrate at least three Christmas days. Starting from the 24th, they spend time celebrating for more days in many other countries. During the Christmas time, Polish people become very traditional once again. Moreover, they cultivate habits that had been forgotten by many nations and created some very surprising ideas.

If you want to celebrate Christmas like Polish, you should apply some of these ideas:

Make 12 different dishes

According to the common belief, if you will not try twelve different things during the Christmas Eve, you may have a bad luck. This is the belief that makes many people sick every year, but we are still eating too much during Christmas. However, if you will ask any Polish why do they eat so much, they always answer the same: it’s a tradition!

Help your granny

Polish still cultivate connecting with family during the Christmas time. They are ready to take a day off the work and go to see grandmother to bake cakes or prepare other traditional dishes. The connection with elders stays an important part of this celebrations, but what can taste better than Christmas food prepared by granny?

Prepare traditional ornaments

Although the shops are full of beautiful ornaments, Polish still cultivate making the ornaments on their own. There is nothing more precious than hand-made Christmas decorations. Polish prepare it not only as a family custom, with children. Adults also love to prepare them crocheting, doing a paperwork, embroideries, etc. If you want to see really unique Christmas trees, check Polish pictures published in social media this year!

Make pierogi!

Traditional dumplings, very famous in Poland. Although many countries and even cultures know this kind of dish, in Poland they stay a very traditional and appreciated food. During the Christmas Eve, Polish prepare it filled with boiled sauerkraut with mushrooms. If you are not used to such a flavors, you may be shocked but you should try it at least once in your life!

Have a white tablecloth!

Don’t forget to buy a white tablecloth (or two). Most of the Polish families prefer this color because this is what our mothers and grandmothers taught us. In Polish homes, other colors are still less popular, so additional tablecloth is necessary. It is necessary to change them after every single dinner!

Drink a dried fruit compote

Every morning before the Christmas Eve people in Poland start to prepare the most strange drink you may imagine for this day. It is a compote made of local dried fruits like apple, plums, pears, etc., with spices like cloves and water. It is boiled together in a pot and served warm or cold. Delicious!

Sing carols.. even if you have no idea how.

Do it loudly. If you believe you don’t know how to sing, drink something tasty and with alcohol and.. Sing carols! We don’t recommend you to try this in Polish, it is a very difficult language. However, if you will try to sing with Polish in their mother’s tongue, they will appreciate it a lot!

Watch ”Home alone”!

Yes, Polish are seriously addicted to watching the famous movie about funny Kevin and his adventures during the Christmas time. Can you imagine that when a few Christmas ago the TV stations decided to not show Home alone movie, Polish got so angry that started to write petitions?

Celebrate three days… Or longer!

We start to celebrate Christmas from the Christmas Eve, many of us finish on the 26th, which in Poland is still officially a holiday, however, many Polish continue everyday celebrations until the end of a year!

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