Magical Slavic nature by Ukrainian Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Magical Slavic nature by Vyacheslav Mishchenko – We bring you a cool story about one cool photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko! Mushrooms are my second passion after photography. I am an avid mushroom hunter. My passion for mushrooms, as well as photography, was inspired by my father. Just imagine a warm summer morning, around 5:30 am. You are in a beautiful forest. You are surrounded by peace and quiet. And then, the forest wakes up. First the trills of birds, the croaking of frogs, a woodpecker’s knock. I feel pure joy and happiness, as I am lucky enough to see nature as a special,  dreamlike world.

Early in the morning, when I am somewhere between dreams and reality, the camera’s viewfinder creates a sense of presence in some incredibly beautiful and mysterious world. These Little Heroes are like aliens from other planets. Even ordinary mushrooms have elegant and delicate shapes. I invite you to an exciting  journey with me and my viewfinder to experience a new world of mushrooms. via(

mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-1 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-2 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-4 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-7 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-10 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-11 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-12 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-13 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-17 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-31 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-33 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-34 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-35 mushroom-photography-vyacheslav-mishchenko-37c

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