Magnificent Portraits of Redheads From Russia By Photographer Erika Parfenova

Redheads are a marvelous portrait subject

Photo: Erika Parfenova / Instagram

Again another great work by Russian photographer Erika Parfenova. She is a artist, traveler and a skilled photographer that hails from Vologda, she currently lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

There is a big chance you saw some of her photos around the interwebz, but concerning she did a new photo shoot with a subject of Redheads, here it is! More info: Erika ParfenovaBehanceFacebookInstagramVK (h/t: photogrist)

“This is a collection of portraits with red hair and freckles, all of them shot in St. Petersburg. This project introduced me to a whole army of red people, different ages, sex, professions. Thank you fate, that introduced me to them, thanks to people and models that one day wrote to me. If you miss the sun, you know where to look for it,” she explained

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