Mail Delivery To The Russian Extreme North

Famous blogger Dmitry Chistoprudov arrived at the airport and had their fingers crossed. They flew in a small twin-engine turboprop aircraft Bombardier of Yakutia Airlines. Their plane was cozy and comfortable and they enjoyed weather in Yakutsk, no matter the fact that weather was quite upset and showered snow at their cabin. Seats on the plane they took were great so they flew in the front row, with their legs outstretched like royalty. The flight was excellent, he was at an altitude of 7000 meters and his flight also includes lunch. Provoked a muddy portholes, which gave the effect of all images “vodka bottle filter”.


Almost all the time they flew over solid clouds and as soon as they managed to see fragments of the snowy beauty of Yakutia, as the whole landscape again plunged into a shapeless wool.


The feeling of flight over this beautiful frozen land was more than amazing for our travelers.


Their flight was also carring over 150kg of mail packages, it was loaded with orange postal bags.


However as flying to Tiksi was canceled due to harsh weather conditions, the mail was stored in Yakutsk. And then at a time it can be from 500 kg to even few tons of mail packages.


What next you will see is the process how the mail delivery is made to the most remote extreme little villages in the area!

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