Mammoth skeleton old 126,000 years found in Russia

Siberia just keeps bringing us new interesting news from gigantic holes to now a giant completely intact steppe mammoth skeleton found in Norther Russia. The best part about it is it dates back from 126,000 years in history so what that means is these mammoths as a species were walking these lands much longer than scientists thought before. This is also first gigantic steppe mammoth that was found in Yakutia, Norther Russia so it be is better conditional than all other previous mammoth findings that were discovered before. These big boy had gigantic tusks that were reached over 2.5 meters in longitude and weighted over 75 kilos, so imagine you had ones of these standing before you.

“The skeleton was discovered in an anatomical position and was extracted mostly intact. Even the smaller bones of the feet were complete. It lacked the right hind leg. Evidently it had been torn off during the mammoth’s lifetime,”says Yevgeny Mashchenko, senior research scientist at the Paleontological Institute in Moscow.

This is one of the most valuable archaeological findings that have been found lately.

Comparing the size of bones with humans can give you a true impression of their size.

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