Massive March in Moscow By 50000 People

Moscow, a massive held funeral march in memory of killed Boris Nemtsov, leader of Russian opposition. According to estimates of the non-profit organization “White counter”, which practically has same numbers as officials, it accounted for 51.6 thousand people attending the march. Except for the detention deputy upper Rada Alexander Goncharenko and 20 representatives of the nationalist movements that have had the appropriate symbols, the action took place without any incidents or accidents. People today came out in great numbers because perhaps it was the first mass rally since long time and as no other rally or march opposition of recent years did not collect as many people as this one for Boris Nemtsov. He even had to be delayed for an hour because the frame could not cope with the amount of people wanting to go so police forces were very busy while there was an actual waiting list at the exit of the subway. However this was not a happy march but rather unfortunately, the tragic February 27, in the heart of Moscow in which Boris Nemtsov was killed. Story via zylat

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