Meet Alexander Tikhomirov – Russian Filmographer And YouTuber Whose Work Will Make Your Jaws Drop

Life that many can only dream off to have, this is why he calls it “Life of a dream” as he continues his mesmerizing adventures

Photo: Alexander Tikhomirov / Instagram

You have probably seen his videos and photography but you aren’t aware they were his because he is mostly focused on creating content in Russian language. However even the language barrier can’t stop him from getting famous in the West, his unusual lifestyle, work he does and the cold Russian temperament that can be seen on his YouTube Vlogs have made him a true internet celebrity.

Meet Alexander Tikomirov, a man who continually brings you the best girls of Russia in a extremely interesting video editing he does. He started as a factory worker in Russia, got bored of the job pretty fast and shifted onto photography of Slavic ladies from Russia and Ukraine. After quick success he just continued to do YouTube Vlogging. Today he owns no material things, has no home, drives no car of his own, but he owns photography and videography gear which are always with him. He travels the world continuously (with his now ex-wife Mary Shum) doing commissioned photography, recording and video editing for various brands, from Playboy to some big car brands and similar…

Little Alexander Tikhomirov biography:

  • He began posting his media online in 2012.
  • He has accumulated more than 430,000 Instagram followers.
  • He was born in Rybinsk, Russia.
  • He entered into a marriage with Sasha (Mary Shum) who is seen in several of his works.

His wife (now ex) is also a famous Russian model Mary Shum, she became famous thanks to being featured in his YouTube videos where they together have made a massive following counting in millions of fans over Instagram, YouTube and Vkontakte.

Most of his videos feature out-of-this-world attractive models from Russia, being filmed enjoying life in even more exclusive and breath-taking locations.

Life sacrifices to achieve such lifestyle?

It is no easy life to make such a life, as we mentioned before he has no personal possessions, be it house, car or anything. He has a child who is basically as well in a way homeless because of such life. He  lives traveling around and money he earns is spent exclusively to continue traveling, getting new gear and producing high-quality work.

Many Russians follow him over social media hardly believing the adventures he lives through, more so because in Russia as a traditional Slavic nation many are accustomed of living in one location for their whole life. His lifestyle is something different for them, but after initial fame in Russia even rest of the world started to follow his work because he proved to be unique on a world-wide scale.


Life full of beautiful and dangerous adventures

He is starting to use captions and communicate in English a lot more as his fame grows. So be sure to check his adventures on a daily basis, and when we really mean adventures: jumping from massive cliffs, para-shooting, driving fast cars, jumping from helicopters, park-our, photographing hot Slavic ladies…


…he titles his videos “Life of a dream” and believe us it is for a good reason. His life-style is hard and with a lot of self-sacrifices (even his marriage with Mary Shum has broken up), but if you put those sacrifices aside it is filled with adventures most of us will only watch over YouTube.


Work that made Alexander famous

But before the YouTube fame, it takes hard work and this is the work it made him famous initially:

His photography work that made him famous:

So in case you want to have a ‘Life of a Dream’ as he says, prepare yourself for a hard-work and a lot of sacrifices. If you overcome these obstacles and adapt to a new kind of life, you too will be able to live through such glorious adventures.

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