Meet Ekaterina Peshkova – Russian Girl That Was Once Overweight And Bullied, Now She Is a Stunning Model

Life sometimes writes amazing fairytale stories for some hardworking people

Life story of 21-year-old Ekaterina Peshkova sounds more like a beautiful fairytale. Girl from just a ordinary family from Russian town Perm, she was called fat by other kids in school during her teen years. Her life was no cakes and sweets (no pun intended). She weighted 91 kilograms (200 lbs) and with her great willpower and desire to change her life she became a successful model for numerous world-wide brands. When she lost over 30 kg of weight she became an Armani model. So, stay a while and listen to her story and her before/after photos.

One day a model agent was cruising around Perm (Russian city) and she saw her face. “my eyes recognize nice faces very well, even seeing her face just for a couple of seconds. I stopped the car and approached the girl” she said. Ekaterina was just walking down the road with her mother and they told her they are in a hurry. The agent insisted she should meet with her, she told her that she needs to lose some weight but she has a great potential.

This was the point when Ekaterina started practicing fitness, maintaining a strict diet in order to accept the offer of a future model job. She was just 14 years old when she met her agent, her diet was mostly buns, pasta, sweets, chocolates, sodas but when she reached the critical weight it was just too much for her. Three years later she was already at 60 kg and 176 cm tall.

She hailed from a average hard working family, they didn’t have enough funds to pay her gym and fitness, so the agent helped her practice as she trusted her potential of becoming a world-class model, and she was right. Agent learnt her how to walk, get a proper English pronunciation, and all this effort landed her a first modeling job in Japan.

She became a model for Asian Vogue magazine and signed 5-year long contract with one model agency. When she is asked how she always manages to look nice, she said her secret is to eat lot of fruit and drink a lot of water, it makes her look and feel great.

Her story sounds a bit like a fairy tale, however sometimes life gives a chance even to a girl from a poor Russian family to become a world celebrity.

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