Meet Enjoykin – Russian Musician That Is Making Genius Songs From TV Interviews And Shows

If only TV shows were this fun

Enjoykin is a nickname of the popular Russian video blogger who became famous thanks to his YouTube short video clips lasting 1-2 minutes. Currently, this profile video received over 90 million hits. The largest so far in the video «Nyash Myash», which became the year 22,516,657 views. He became famous by the musical alteration of well-known Internet shows but he keeps his true identity a secret.

Enjoykin started to use commercials with various famous memes while his videos started to use special effects and animated inserts as he was getting more known. In 2014 he released a video clip for the song «Nyash-Myash», which shows excerpts from the speech of the prosecutor Natalia Poklonsky. In two years, video has gained over 30 million views and in the same year he released the video “Tomorrow” on the basis of curious statements Vitaliya Klichko. Anyway see it yourself:

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