Meet Fyodor the Russian monkey in over-sized coat

We are sure if you saw this from afar, you would think it’s some child goofing around while jumping in a winter coat. However, nothing in Russia is at is seems in on the first sight. This ladies and gentlemen is a monkey named Fyodor and it moves funnily in an over-sized coat. This Russian monkey hops around the farmhouse and keeps inspecting farm animals. Fydor actually became so famous he now has a YouTube channel  where you can enjoy watching Fydor taking a bath, learning to use silverware and even enjoying a circus show.

Now the funniest video by far is Fydor in huge winter coat with “ice-cold” look of his face that is saying “Human, why are you doing this to me?” See what we are talking about:

Wouldn’t you just love to hug this over-sized clothed monkey?

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