Meet Karina – Celebrity Russian Streamer that plays Video Games

She likes to play hard and she would probably beat you in games too

Belgorod, Russia – Internet games have become a real e-sport and services like are there for game streaming. Basically people play and stream their gaming on such service, while watcher cheer for them and even give them tips for good play. So recently one Russian girl, Karina Sycheva, or a.k.a. Sharishaxd on Twitch became crazy popular. She basically became a celebrity over night thanks to her game playing.

She almost has over 500,000 subscribers! How crazy is that? This won’t stop because her channel is growing like crazy and number of her subscribers continues to grow day by day. To make it clear, she has an audience of 15,000 people waiting before she even starts to stream!

You might ask why she is so popular? This is why (her behavior)

If you want to follow here there is several places where you can do so, like on her YouTube or for Eastern Slavs her VKontakte page that is followed by a massive amount as well. Oh did we mention her Instagram? Yeah pretty massive there too with over 200000 followers, how crazy is that? Also she is famous in cool internet hideouts like 4chan, 2chan and stuff like that.


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Many mostly enjoy her videos because of the insane way she behaves during game-play, also there are probably those that just like girls that play games. What makes people LOL the most is the way she uses heavy profanity and that also attracts thousands of viewers, it’s a god damn phenomenon. Some sources say she earns over 150$ per hour from her streams! Imagine that, you play a game, swear and you earn crazy amounts of dollars. So if you feel kinda special, go join twitch, YouTube or something and get rich!

Obviously she found a “secret” that we will reveal here for you. You have to be: hysterical, unique, interesting to become noticed on YouTube and she did it.

#DGBeauty #dolcegabbana

A photo posted by @sharishanya on

Most of her audience is little Russian teenagers (those that you meet in counter-strike or Dota) but also she is getting a momentum so it’s getting world-wide famous now. So in general she concluded that if you act dumb, get mean to others in games and record yourself will make the donations flow to you pockets.

Do you think you played DOTA against her?

What do you think?

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