Meet Kesha, the Arctic Fox from Berentsburg

Berentsburg is just a tiny Russo-Ukrainian community of Svalbard archipelago and this little place was founded during Soviet times. In such ecologically fragile area keeping specific animals is strictly prohibited in order that local biological and ecological balance would not be changed, that is why cats are strictly prohibited from having there. This is why we introduce you Kesha, the fox that was brought here by Russians and it is stated in it’s papers that this is an arctic fox. The whole photo-shoot was made by  Facebook/Mike Homola that visited the location and cought this unique little fox, he just had to know it’s story and why this fox reminds us of a cat so much!

Kesha has no problem with being a predator, a fox, because she loves to run around and scare off other wild-life that wants to come into the camp.

Kesha loves to sleep in the local workshop during night and it is loved by all the locals in Svalbard! Tell us have you ever seen such a fox before?

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