Meet MAiKA – Joint Serbian And Croatian Band Making Songs As Good As Babushkas Kompot

MAiKA and their Slav hit “River Sava”

They have long worked on this for the last 2 Years so it is time that we introduce them to you. They met in Belgrade and started a new mish-mash of Medievalish Slav and Balkan melodies with a bit of indie and folk. At first you might get confused but no worries, it’s good stuff and makes your body feel as good as when drinking your Babushkas Kompot.

It has it all, broken English accent, squatting, rakija, that melody and rakija again.

That is their first single! This is the Eastern Europe as we see it and hear it, a place of total contrast, bizarre, a combination of tradition and modern themes with a awesome beat. The band is called MAIKA and the main motive in the song is the river Sava, the artery that connects South Slavs, from Ljubljana, through Zagreb to Belgrade.

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