Meet Marina Vovchenko – Hot master of Yoga and Russian mom of three followed by millions for her pictures

You probably never seen anything like her in real, anywhere else

Photo: Marina Vovchenko / Instagram

Mother of many children as they dub her, Marina Vovchenko, has more followers than some celebrities. Reason is her amazing strengths, figure, body and the fact she is in such a shape after a lot of kids. It is mostly a Instagram account for women to admire her being so well shaped and strong after births.

She is followed by over million souls over her Instagram, most of the fans being women looking for inspiration on how to retrieve your fit body after giving three births, but she is also followed by a lot of men just admiring her attributes and photos. Russia being traditionally Christian country also has those that are vocal about her misusing her motherhood to get her clothes off and model, but then again if you had a body like her after so many children you’d probably walk bare naked too.

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