Meet Max Degtyarev – Russian Artist Creating Illustrated Stories That Will Bring a Smile To Your Face

From a lovely “One Day of a Bench” to a interesting zombie apocalypse

Based in Moscow, designer and illustrator Max Degtyarev creates amazing works in his spare time. One of his illustrations, called “One Day of a Bench” (featured image above) recently was made into a gif image and went viral over Facebook and other social media due to the interesting story that it hides.

His work has something special and fun about it thanks to the stories in them, this is why we will feature you a few of his works. On example a zombie apocalypse in Russia and the use of metro stations in such scenario. You can follow Max over Behance, Facebook or Flickr.

This is his recently most famous work “One Day of a Bench”

This is the Moscow Zombie Metro Station:

This project is based around Metro stations in Russia, who were built also as a civil defense units. In case of a zombie apocalypse they are probably the best (or scariest) locations for local Russians to hide and defend themselves.


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