Meet Mustang Wanted, the Ukrainian who will climb everything

Ukraine – People have been climbing buildings for fun for at least a hundred years, but the sport of urban climbing has exploded in popularity over the past few years. This whole thing closely follows the adoption curve of YouTube and increasingly small video cameras, which when combined allow someone to transform scaling a city’s infrastructure from a transitory act performed in front of an audience of hundreds into a vivid first-person simulation!
Millions of people can experience in vertigo-inducing high definition.

The closest thing this new generation of daredevils has to a rock star is Mustang Wanted, a pseudonymous twentysomething climber from Ukraine who recently released a YouTube clip of himself dangling from skyscrapers, cranes, antennas, and just about any other kind of unreasonably tall structure you can find in cities all over the world, with a nonchalance that will thoroughly blow the mind of anyone who isn’t abnormally unafraid of heights. It quickly became the latest of his efforts to go globally viral. source

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