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Meet Oksana Neveselaya – ‘World’s hottest’ maths teacher from Belarus

She is showing that sensuality and intelligence go hand in hand

Photo: Oksana Neveselaya / Instagram

Belarus – Young Oksana Neveselaya has become a viral web sensation that swept over the inter-webs after one of her students took a video of her while she was teaching them math in Minsk High School (in Belarus). After it was published it just kept getting more views and he made her teacher a internet sensation (we bet he will get at least an A grade for that)! Oksana since then has gathered a massive amount of followers on her Facebook and Instagram profiles, so she was able to cater more than 170k thousand followers and it keeps growing daily thanks to starring in large magazines like TheSun.

“I want to show that sensuality and intelligence go hand in hand” ~ Oksana said

Besides her math teaching career she is obviously really focused on Instagram and Facebook marketing, as right now she is traveling the world and making some pretty hot selfies. As for all the high school boys there is one disappointment, she made a selfie with her significant other (a.k.a. boyfriend) so more luck next time. Anyway let’s see the video:

She seems to enjoy her model career much more than math judging by her activity on those social networks.

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Would you like to learn some math?

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