Meet the Old Believers, Russian Amish

Russia is a vast land with a lot of people so it is bound to have unique communities that live in peace on it’s territory. Such community is Dersu, a small village parked on the Russian Pacific coast far away from Europe. Whole village is made of exclusives Russian “old believers”, these people live by the strict code of religious beliefs and are prohibited to use modern technologies, modern clothing and alike. You will probably already see some familiarity between them and Amish of United States of America, even thought these communities have never been in contact with each other. So let us see this interesting story by Russian blogger Alex H.

Alex has found himself among the old Believers as a part of a humanitarian group that was supplying old believers with food for these people and their livestock, and they packed these food supplies in boxes.

Humanitarians were afraid they won’t be able to reach them due to poorer road conditions that they expected to see there.

But they got surprised that road conditions were pretty nice and they reached them in time:

These people live without electricity so their day starts early in the morning so they could work until dark falls again.

Everybody in these Russian old believer families work hard on heavy rural jobs so they have large breakfast meals in order to maintain their strengths.

Young male children help to keep the house clean and maintained plus they care for domestic animals.

Girls cook, repair clothing, care for smaller children and help their mother in general.

What will surprise many is that many of these people are not native to this region, but in fact they come from Bolivia where a huge ethnic Russian old-believer community exists.

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Thank you Alex for this story!

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