Meet the Richest Russian kids that will make you feel poor

“RRK” is the symbolic abbreviation of the Rich Russian Kids Instagram account that will probably make you feel poor (or rich if you are not into material things). Just that you know, it is a closed community that show’s off their lifestyle to their subscribers. It’s a list of what every rich kid has: private airplanes, expensive cars, photos with politicians, expensive watches and in general things that average or even above average citizen will never afford in his life.

This communities main point of existence is obviously to rub in your face how rich they are and how well they manage to spend their money.

Person that runs this Instagram account has not raveled his identity however he obviously is someone who knows them and he loves to interact with these rich kids. He mentioned on his account how he is surprised to find out that most of these young Russians are in general “good” people. He said he started this account to show that Russia also is not just poor nor boring country, rather they also live on the wild side and they can be fun ~ according to account owner who calls himself Prince of Saint Petersburg.

All of them communicate in private chat and know each other, they like to show off their Armored vehicles, guns and sporty looking things too.

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