Meet the Woman that is bravely eating “radioactive” Chernobyl’s apples

Some will find this crazy, but she does it for the science she said

Chernobyl, Ukraine – Did you ever wonder what would be like to live in Chernobyl exclusion zone? Many probably would think that alone would be life threatening, but wait, what if you also eat fruit that grows there? This would be the point where most wouldn’t even dare to think about. Well for the past years a young women (probably Ukrainian) only known as “Bionerd23” has been making quite interesting YouTube documentaries.

In the most infamous nuclear zone on our planet – the one and only Chernobyl exclusion zone. Now to get things on the next level, she was eating radioactive apples growing in Pripyat, injecting radionuclide technetium in her blood, was chased by radioactive rabid fox and even picked up fragments of the nuclear plants reactor.

So she feels no fear when she would come upon a gigantic and probably mutated catfish. Why? Because she thinks its just a regular fish as no-one caches them there (but we are not so sure about that tbh).

What really is unique about her videos is the fact she doesn’t use protective gear in most of the “dangerous” places! As you can see her in the video above, she touches everything with bare hands and eats raw apples from “radioactive” trees. Have we been living a lie all this time?

Her youtube channel is fairly popular in “radioactive” side of the internet, so make sure to check it out because she’s been dealing with Chernobyl since 2012 and you might look the progress she has made.

What do you think?

What do you think?

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