Meet Trunkdrunk – The Sad Elephant Tour Guide Showing You The Saddest Russian Places

The hilarious tour offer that you won’t forget…

Russia – Tourism today is very boring, always the same mainstream things that you look around. This is why we want to present you the Tourism with a flavor. Meet Trunkdrunk, the Russian tour guide dressed as a sad Elephant that will take you to the Russia’s saddest places. Some of his photos are so damn sad you would probably cry on one of his tours. On his Instagram account you will see images that are captured in different places of Russia; mostly in gloomy and depressing surroundings.

“I don’t even ask for happiness, just a little less pain”says trunkdrunk’s Instagram account.

So if you want a different kind of tour guides, you know who to contact. Anyway let us see how one such tour looks like! h/t:designyoutrust

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