Meet Valentina Petrenko – Russian politician that fascinated the world with her amazing ‘Simpson’ haircut

Marge Simpson haircut really does exist and you can wear it too!

Photo: Wikimedia commons

Why wear same boring haircuts like everybody else? This is exactly what Valentina Alexandrovna Petrenko, a longtime Russian politician, thought as well. At first glance one would say that the lady has a huge ram on her head, but no it is a very atypical and unique haircut. Combing this unique powerful haircut with political power, and it really makes a statement “i can wear whatever i like”. Mrs. Valentina has been in the high circles of politics since the Soviet Union. She currently represents the Republic of Chakaska in the Federation Council. Her photographs have become a viral topic on the Internet, and many compare her to the James Bond filmmaker.

Those who know about Valentine Petrenko have already compared it to Marge Simpson from the ‘Simpsons’ series. Other nicknames by Valentine Petrenko’s media include ‘female Trump’ and ‘politician who has a nest on their heads’. 

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