Melania Trump – the First Lady of U.S. and her way from Sevnica in Slovenia

From the green hills of Slovenia to White House of Washington

Melania and town Sevnica / Photo: wikimedia

Washington, Slovenia – These days citizens of U.S. have elected their new president, mr. Donald Trump, but for most of us that wouldn’t make much of a change in our lives. In Slovenia however it is a completely another story, they are celebrating like crazy with American flags all over the little town of Sevnica on the south-Eastern part of Slovenia. Reasons to this is because the new First Lady of White House is Melania Trump, before known as Melania Knavs. Before becoming a wife of Donal Trump she was a fashion model and started her career as such at age of 17-years-old. Just ten years later from her start in modeling she attended a fashion week party in New York and it happened, she met Donald Trump.

Few years later as their relationship developed they married in 2005. and even the fact that she was married to a American multi-millionaire she probably never thought she might end up as a First Lady of United States. It’s something that neither did Slovenians themselves thought of in their wildest dreams, but it happened.

At first as they seen their country girl becoming a candidate for such a important role, some of them accepted it badly, maybe even with a bit of jealousy, but now when it is official it seems that they are partying really hard all over Slovenia.

Many still don’t understand this, but women have strong influence on their husbands, this might reflect in world politics. Meaning, town of Savnica in Slovenia has become a “Capital of the world” in a way and you know it is true.

Donald and Melania Trump / Photo: Marc Nozell via wikimedia

“Sometimes the pressure of the media was too hard. The people of Sevnica are not used to it. On the other hand, the global attention is positive because Sevnica is developing into a tourist destination,” mayor Srecko Ocvirk said.

How will our fellow Slovenians behave from now (when they have such power in their hands) we have no idea, but it’s official now as they are a new player in Central Europe as far as geopolitics go.

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