Mesmerizing Dreamy World By Polish Artist

Jacek Yerka a Polish artist born in 1952. has brought us these amazing paintings of dream-like world we live in. Jaceks parents are also artist so he grew up being surrounded by things an average artist needs from ink, brushes, paints and papaers. Jacek was about to study astronomy however seems that world of painting and art has abducted him in the world where only imagination is your limit. After attending Fine Art Academy as his parents he has become quite famous in sci-fi world reciving a lot of recognition from such groups! More info: Facebook |[divider]

surreal-paintings-jacek-yerka-2 surreal-paintings-jacek-yerka-4 surreal-paintings-jacek-yerkasurreal-paintings-jacek-yerka-5 surreal-paintings-jacek-yerka-6 surreal-paintings-jacek-yerka-7 surreal-paintings-jacek-yerka-8 surreal-paintings-jacek-yerka-9 surreal-paintings-jacek-yerka-10 surreal-paintings-jacek-yerka-13 surreal-paintings-jacek-yerka-15 surreal-paintings-jacek-yerka-18

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