Metro Line in Athos Cave

Russian or better to say Soviet built Metro Line in Athos Cave that was first discovered by cavers in 1961, and at the end of the 80th became one of the most popular places in Abkhazia. In the thickness of the Iberian mountains dug network of tunnels, which allowed a miniature subway to bring tourists to the heart of the cave. The route starts and end connect two underground stations, between which runs a rail car with a trailed carriages. Athos Cave consists of 11 rooms, six of which are held daily tours, two – weekly, and one room is reserved for scientific work. The scale of karst formations are striking. If you’re in Abkhazia you should visit this place! via source[divider]0_f78f0_73e5604_orig 0_f78f1_1b9ef3ca_orig 0_f78f2_80978429_orig 0_f78f3_5fddfa4_orig 0_f78f5_99b0144d_orig 0_f78f6_1ce9466d_orig 0_f78f9_b7ff1106_orig 0_f78fa_c42f5b25_orig 0_f78fd_151ef625_orig 0_f7900_f0cb7eda_orig 0_f7901_1abb899f_orig 0_f7913_be887afa_orig 0_f7914_5394d16d_orig 0_fba09_cc1d1328_orig

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