Micro Art of Ukrainian Master Artist Mykola Syadristy

Mykola Syadristy is a master of the miniature art. Renowned for his wondrously diminutive works — a chessboard on the head of a pin; a rose vine in a hollowed out hair; and the smallest book in the world at just 0.6 sq. mm, with 12 pages of the poetry of  Taras Shevchenko,  just to name a few — the self-taught artist is a Ukrainian sensation. His museum in Kiev, set on the serene grounds of an ancient monastery, is one of many things that make this city fun for visitors of all ages.

The Mykola Syadristy Museum of Micro-miniatures is part of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Kiev Monastery of the Caves) complex and showcases Mykola Syadristy’s lifetime of work with microminiatures. Syadristy was born in 1937 in Ukraine and can still be found in the museum regularly, getting great pleasure from watching the astonishment on visitors’ faces when admiring his work.

The art of microminiatures has been his hobby for forty years, and each piece is made by hand with unique technology for each work. The pieces are seen through a microscope, and it’s only when you remove your eye from the scope and try to see the work with the naked eye that you realise the magnitude of his work. Syadristy holds the title of Honored Master of Folk Arts of Ukraine.

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