Micro Balkan States Go To Blood War Over Land

As it’s almost a tradition in Balkans, wars come and go easily there. It seems as if Balkans are under a curse from long time ago, because just as the region had few years of peace now even Czech and Polish micro Balkan states come to war one against other. The new conflict came as a result of angry emails between Liberland and Enclava. So to be more precise on April 23, the Kingdom of Enclava claimed a portion of land bordering Slovenia and Croatia near the Slovenian town of Metlika, some 30 miles west of Croatia’s capital, Zagreb. So this Polish tourist Piotr Wawrzynkiewicz decided to claim the 100sqm patch between Croatia and Serbia as his own after visiting in April this year. So he already seems to have over 5,000 people to join his Polish Balkan micro state, however Slovenian foreign ministry announced that the territory belonged to them.


But this was no defeat for Wawrzynkiewicz or King Enclav I as his royal title says, so instead of scumming down he decided to move his kingdom 210 miles to the east to another unclaimed land, this time between Croatia and Serbia. However he has encountered a resistance because there was already another fledgling kingdom there, Celestinia that already claimed 0.3 square kilometer of the contested land a month before our Polish King Enclav I.


Celestina kingdom interim chancellor of foreign affairs, a 39-year-old IT technician Endre Jos, told to news portal MailOnline that his countrymen are prepared to go to war with their rivals ‘if necessary’. Meaning we could see the first micro state war on Balkans.


He said: ‘What a bad move to ignore the law and other groups in this situation. This war does not means guns or bombs. But if they try to settle there, we will be there, destroying their game.’


So the Enclava and Celestinia are just the latest mini self established states on Balkan disputed land, with Liberland being the first one. How will these micro states live thought these turbulent times no one knows, especially when Croats and Serbs get their hands on them 😀

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