Military and Reindeers? Just Russian Arctic brigade fun!

Military can be a pretty adventurous career that will not only lead your way to distant beautiful landscapes but obviously will make you some animal friends, such as reindeers! One such human-reindeer friendship was photographed and released by The Russian Defense Ministry that published some awesome photos during the Arctic brigade training. These beautiful pics that you will see below show a reconnaissance company of the Russian Arctic motorized brigade that is showing it’s skill of transportation in the hostile Far North. Defense ministry said temperature was -30 °C (-22 °F) and no matter the icy cold temperature it looks like soldiers had a lot of fun with their animal friends!

Photos by Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. H/T @TomParfitt

military-sleds7 military-sleds4 military-sleds3 military-sleds2 military-sleds

Santa just got some major competition!

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