Mining cafe located 400 meters underground

The owner of RTB  (Rudarsko-topioničarski basen Bor), a copper mining and smelting complex located in Bor, Serbia, has welcomed the opportunity to introduce “Blic news” to their cafe called “the Pit”. This is one of those uniqe places that rarley get seen by the outside world, however it has some tourist future because many would probably like to visit it at least once. “The Pit” receives visitors who are welcomed by the local employee and guide Sasa Srbulović. The caffe on the inside has it’s walls covered by posters on the wall that remind the workers of the two mining legend of RTB Bor, Međedi Huseinovic and DESIMIR Velinovic. Međeđi was the best miner officially that worked there from 1946 to 1953, and worked with two drills that resulted him earning twice as much as the Director of the RTB mine.

As you come closer to Bor city, you can see the mining factory in the back


When entering the complex the administration building is seen there


Large mining trucks (as seen in Belarus and Russia) can be seen all over the location


After getting into the mines you can enter the 400 meters underground caffe that greets you with it’s sign


This is where local miners relax and spend their launch.


If you worry about oxygen, don’t because there is plenty of air down below!

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