Modern apartments inspired by Slavic folk design is a new trend you should follow

Folk motives some time ago marched to the interior are of hose design. Sometimes just as a little single motif in the decoration, and sometimes all is decorated in the style of folk. In the latter arrangement it there is a problem, there are too many themes and colors bringing the interior to the point of looking as a mess. Folk, original designs may therefore appear is smaller amounts on the furniture, in the form of wallpaper on the walls, especially in decorations – on cushions, surcharges, or treads.

Interior in the style of folk: add-ons in vivid colors

Folk is vibrant – mainly vivid colors. Red, navy blue and green arranged on a white and sometimes black. Folk motifs in the interior will usually be found in modern styling – its minimalism highlights the wealth of designs and colors. Interesting connections is formed by the folk decoration of concrete or brick wall. (h/t:

Elements inspired by Polish folklore design in modern apartments. 

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