Monster Tornados in Novorossiysk

Novorossiysk, Russia – Nearby few monster tornadoes appeared back in 2010. and the scary part about it was their size and the fact they appeared on the open sea where at the time several Russian tankers were stationed. The scary thing is they at one point came over the ships covering the in their whole size, surely one of the worst things ship-men could have lived through. Contrary to popular believing, a tornado does not “suck up” water to great heights, though it may lift the water level a metre or so at its point of contact with the surface.

It is suspected, but remains unproven, that waterspouts sometimes draw fish and frogs into its vortex and then drop them onto land, thus accounting for the reported falls of such objects. That’s according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

Everything was recorded on video

Few pictures of this monster Tornado

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