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Montenegrin Lieutenant Against the Samurai

This is not a fairy tale, this really happened all the way back in distant 1905. during the Russian-Japanese war. Garrisoned Russian troops were located in eastern Manchuria, while on the opposite side among the Japanese a rider appeared with a white flag. He was sent on behalf of his commander that offered to any of the Russian officers to get out in the field and sword-fight with the Japanese warrior, the famous Samurai. In the Russian camp they started to look for someone that could put up against that fearsome Samurai and suddenly a tall and very skinny lieutenant came. His name was Alexander Saichich, he was 32 years old and he hailed from Montenegro, more precisely from the tribe Vasoevichey.


At his own request Russian officers picked him and off he was to sword-fight with the Japanese. He served in the unit made of Montenegrin volunteers called “Jovan Lipovtsev”. Saichich was previously wounded in the ongoing Russian-Japenese war and he was even awarded for his courage. Unlike most of other soldiers he was known in his unit for his knowledge of martial arts and skill to ride a horse at full gallop…even crawl under the horse during jumps.


He released a strong shout like a lion and galloped towards the Japanese Samurai that pulled his curved Katana sword. At the meeting point a strong metal clash was heard followed by a painful scream. Both riders distanced from each-other and surrounding Russian and Japanese troops looked in shock how both are still riding, but suddenly the Samurai fell of the horse. The Montenegrin lieutenant was victorious.


The corpse of the black samurai knight fell a hundred meters before the first rows of the Japanese troops. Saichich drove up to the Japanese soldiers, bowed to them and went galloping back to his troops. Russian regiments welcomed Montenegrin with a thunderous applause.


Admiral Rozhdestvensky called lieutenant Saichicha and personally congratulated him, and soon on surprise of many they were accompaniment with Japanese Admiral Togo. Japanese admiral gave the Montenegrin a slight bow to congratulate him as a winner. For this fight Lekso Saichich got nickname “Murom” by army troops of his regiment.

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