Moscow Palace of Prince Yusupov

Russian noblemen of the 17th century, the Prince Yusupov, favored this palace located Between the Garden and the Boulevard Ring (Sadovoye and Bulvarnoye Koltso). This part of the Moscow city is still decorated by this beautiful Volkov-Yusupov Chambers in spite of its major reconstructions that it has undergone in modern times. Legend says that even the famous palace of Ivan the Terrible was located here because once the Tsar was doing falconry hunting in the forest close to this area his hat fell on the ground. Ivan the Terrible got very angry and ordered his men to build a palace at this place and so it is here today. We have no idea is the story true or just a local legend but it’s a fact the palace is here and it looks beautiful. More info: Moscowwalks[divider]

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