Most Accurate Astronomical Clock In The World Located In Slovakia

Tourists when traveling Slovakia could find themselves overshadowed by the wooden statue of Madonna, lady of Sorrows, the patron saint of Slovaks. On another glance they would see the six bronze statues that dwell timelessly on the niches of a grand astronomical clock which itself is composed of Slovak apostles statues. They would soon realize they are at an very interesting places that consists of various important Slovak personalities from their history and the mystical astronomical clock that gives this place the timeless vibe and true time travel experience for all visitors.

All the wonderful wooden work is made by a Slovak sculptor by thee name Viliam Loviška and an architect Ivan Jarina. Today their masterpiece has brought numerous visitors be it local or foreign, just so they could visit the only astronomical clock in Slovakia that is also interestingly the most accurate astronomical clock in the world because it is controlled by special set of software linked with satellite.

So when you come to this place you will feel truly enchanted due to the buildings architecture, it’s symbolism with all the statues and the huge large clock that will show you the position of sun and moon.

If you ever wonder through Slovakia make sure to visit Stará Bystrica to see this building and also there is a tourist center and souvenir shop under the astronomical clock for you to buy some goodies. Fun isn’t it!

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