Most Disturbing Playgrounds from Russia

On the Russian side of the internet a collection of scary and very disburbing photos of playgrounds has vent viral. It’s one of those playgrounds that look as if they are from a horror movie and probably even adults would be afraid to “play” there even during the day. You might wonder why many Russians are always serious, and one of the reasons why could be the haunting images from the childhood, however this is probably the reason why they are so brave as well. Do not view these images at night.

playground1 playground2 playground3 playground4 playground5 playground7 playground8 playground10 playground11 playground12 playground13 playground15 playground17 playground18 playground19 playground20 playground23 playground25 playground26 playground29 playground32 playground34 playground35 playground40 playground41 playground46 playground47 playground52 playground56 playground59 playground68 playground72 playground73 playground77

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