Most popular Slavic “superstitions” that you should be aware of

All those legends that our grandparents taught us about might be true

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It is well known that all nations in the world have certain folk beliefs and superstitions in their traditions and culture. They have developed them through various practices, events and stories, and have passed them on from generation to generation. Today on the Balkan there are many folk beliefs and superstitions. You have probably heard many of them form your grandparents or parents if you live in this specific area.

Below we will introduce you to some of the most famous Balkan beliefs and superstitions, and we hope that it will briefly make you laugh.

Superstition that are related with plants

  •  A clover with 4, 6, 8 or 9 leafs will brings you luck. The more leafs it has the more luck you will have. But if you come across a clover that has 5 or 7 leaves it means great misfortune and in that case you should destroy it. When you find a lucky clover you should rip it off with your fingernails or teeth and put it in a silk handkerchief and carry it near your heart. The most important thing about this is not to tell anyone that you have it. A lucky clover with nine leafs is very rare and you have to wear it with you night and day.
  • When a thorn is stuck to your dress it is a sign of a wedding that you will attend.
  • When you get hit by a branch it is a sign that someone loves you. The branch should never be run over. It should be put aside by hand.
  • The first violet that you find in the spring should be eaten by you, because then your loved ones will love you even more.

Superstitions that are related with animals

  • If a black cat crosses your path, you will be unlucky.
  • When you meet a dog on your road that means that your work will be successfully done.
  • If a raven or more fly over your head and cry, beware of a accident.
  • The crying of a owl indicates disease. If it sat down on your house, someone will get sick in your house. Where owls sing a treasure must be buried in that spot. If you want to dig it out, you can not speak while you are doing it.
  • When you see a stork siting or standing on the roof of your house, that will bring happiness an peace to your home, but if you hear it clattering that will bring damage.
  • When a rooster crows at the door, it means that guest will be coming.
  • When a guard dog howls at night it means that death is around the house.

Superstitions that are related to objects

  • Old horseshoes bring good luck. When one is nailed to the house it will guard you against accidents.
  • When furniture brakes in the house, someone will get sick.
  • If you spill salt on the table you have to pick it up with a knife on to the plate, in order to avoid disputes in the house.
  • When things fall of the wall without any known reason, then it is a warning of evil.
  • Don’t open a umbrella in your house. That brings misfortune and misery into your home.

Superstitions related to humans

  • If your nose itches you will be mad.
  • If your left hand itches you will get money, but if it happens that your right hand itches you will probably give money away.
  • If you bite our tongue someone is speaking badly about you.
  • If you sneeze 3 times before breakfast that means that this will be your lucky day.

Did you hear any of these superstitions before?

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