Most Ridiculous “Black Friday” Offers Across Eastern Europe

One does not simply shop on Black Friday…

It’s Black Friday in the US; the time of great deals and discounts. In order, to sell more goods and merchandise. Slavs of course adopted Black Friday holiday in their own fashion. However, it wouldn’t be Slavs if the things were going smoothly, because Slavs gonna Slav. On this Black Friday, some merchandise was actually overpriced, instead of being discounted.


#1 Black Friday in Poland raises prices

2 points

    #2 Chocolate on Black Friday in Serbia

      #3 Buy Dell Monitor in Russia, we dropped the price, honestly…

        #4 90 euro cents more expensive 🙂

          #5 On Black Friday you kids won’t get any Vitamins

            #6 Not sure if serious or troll

              #7 What will you do with that 0.1 pln more

                #8 Damn, this is a good discount

                  #9 1000 rsd more expensive thanks to Black Friday!

                    #10 The day when you don’t go to shopping

                      #11 The day when everything is more expensive in Russia

                        #12 0% discount action!

                          #13 What a day to be alive

                            What do you think?

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