Museum of Vodka from Russia

Vodka Museum in the Upper Mandrogi. On the first day of our expedition, we visited the village of Upper Mandrogi, which is located on the river Svir. Mandrogi, once in these places really was a village, but the latter is a real country house there burned or destroyed before the war. And all that is there now – a business project. It arose from the need to implement a “green stop” for ships with tourists walking in the cruises between Ladoga and Onega lakes. Here they stay at the quays before gateways to give tourists stretch their legs or wait bad weather.

In addition to the authentic houses (which were brought from various regions of Russia, such as Arkhangelsk) with crafts (sewing, modeling, massacre on wood) there are two places most visited by tourists.

This restaurant, which serves delicious pies (really very tasty!) and Vodka Museum. There are many museums of vodka, and what unites them is often not only the word “vodka”, but the meaning of existence “museum” – collect as many different bottles with different names.

Do you like the taste of Vodka? …and what do you think is East Slavic Vodka better than South Slavic Rakija?

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