Mysteries of Petrovaradin fortress in Novi sad, Serbia

Petrovaradin fortress – The presence of a large number of legends and stories about the Petrovaradin fortress are usually misleading and can witness about many human tendencies. Rumours about all kinds of wonders are not confirmed, but not all of them can be disputed.

The challenge for amateur explorers could be to check the rumours in the filed, but they were usually ill equipped and lead by curiosity and risk-taking.

Insufficient degree of exploration of the Petrovaradin fortress creates room for certain questions – mostly about underground galleries. Over-enthusiastic people without much knowledge are promoting wonders and sensations, discarding reality and possible options. Unlike miracle-makers, other extreme are the sceptics who discard undiscovered colossal buildings.

Below you can see excerpts from the book “Petrovaradin through legend and reality”written by Veljko Milković that is about some of the mysteries and legends concerning the Petrovaradin fortress and its underground:

Hidden underground gallery? – During Napoleon’s invasions, valuables from the Vienna Court were hidden in the underground of the Petrovaradin fortress. When the “secret” was revelled…

Ventilation shaft under the deepest military gallery? – When the deepest corridor under the south-eastern part of the Hornwerk was passable, one could see an opening on the floor, near the well…

“PETI” creature from the Petrovaradin fortress – …”Turkish special forces” brought offspring of huge reptiles (snakes, lizards etc.).

Enigma of the Maltese cross – …near the gallery with the sign “comm.
Gall. 500” there is a “dead-end” corridor on the south side and there is a Maltese cross on the right wall with two rolls…

Chicken eggs in the mortar of the Petrovaradin fortress – there is a legend that chicken eggs were added to the mortar during the construction of the Petrovaradin fortress…

Is there a tunnel under the Danube? – The legend says that the entrance to the tunnel was behind the altar of the St. George’s church.

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