Mysterious Stone Spheres found on Russian Champ Island

Only brave ones decide to go on a adventure, this is why only such people come upon some interesting things. In the far cold Arctic, on the Russian Champ Island, Franz Josef Land archipelago a group of researchers have found dozen mysterious ball-shaped stones. These perfectly round spheres can be found all over the island, as if they were trees. As glaciers melt away because of the sun and rising heat, more of these mysterious spheres get revealed. This would be a more common place to research if it wasn’t so territoriality fragmented and distanced from the mainland. Some researchers think they have an explanation how these stones have appeared.

Austrian geologist Sepp Fridhubera explains:

the appearance of boulders is a result of the accumulation of sedimentary material transported from land to the sea. The rounded shapes of the rocks were formed underwater and they have an organic core in the center.

There is no official version about origins of these stones; every geologist who comes to the island has his own vision and explanation.


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