Mysterious Third Reich rings on north of Russia

Near the Russian village Liinakhamari in the Barents Sea some strange unusual structures were found that were built by the Nazis during World War II. Mysterious concrete rings of the Third Reich after the war provoked the imagination of fans of conspiracy theories, and it is enhanced when they restricted access during Soviet army, and still find it difficult to access.

Some conspiracy theorists and locals claimed to have tested them for Nazi super-weapons, while others thought that they used as a ramp for the launch of the Nazi UFOs, or flying saucers that used anti-gravity devices.

They supposed after the war were took by the U.S. and the USSR, and on the existence of the legendary wunderwaffea there is no evidence.

However, one group of people claimed that these circles were made because of crafts called ‘Bells’, ie metal craft bell shape that the Germans developed in Poland. Project development of these aircraft was completed however by the course of work on it 60 scientists were killed. Codenamed “Die Glock”, this aircraft was high between 3.5 and 4.5 meters, with a diameter of 2.7 meters.

What do You think, what these were for?

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